Bahar Bayram Middle Eastern Dance & Music Camp


Bahar Bayram is a memorable and inspiring immersion experience for all who attend.  The camp brings together dance and music teachers from Australia and abroad; experts in genres from many different regions of the Middle East and North Africa. Our teachers are selected for their talents and knowledge and also for their friendly and generous personalities.

The nature of the camp allows for interaction, creative collaboration and learning in a relaxed and inclusive environment. We love the sense of community and friendship the camp creates. Everyone is welcome!

Immerse yourself in music and dance, develop your skills, meet people with the same interests and be part of a community of creative and inspiring people.

All workshops, concerts, activities, meals and accommodation are included in the fees and the camp is very affordable. Bahar Bayram is a not-for-profit, family friendly, community event. Dancers and musicians of all levels of skill are welcome, along with anyone who is interested in learning and sharing fun times with other kindred spirits!

I would like to congratulate you for such an idea!! It has been the best thing happened in my life and like everybody else, I can’t get over it; I live with it till the next one! You all made a heavenly atmosphere full of love, friendship, music and dance.
Cieavash Arean

I am now back in Auckland with my happy memories from Bahar Bayram. I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the camp. Everything was so well organised, the variety of workshops was outstanding and the location was second to none. The food was amazing, and I like many ate far too much! I found everyone so friendly and welcoming.

This was my first camp and after what I’ve experienced from it, I was left feeling regretful for having missed the last four years of it. I was totally blown over, so much, that I am having withdrawal symptoms. Bahar Bayram took me back to my parents’ days, the days of clean, pure fun that helped you believe in yourself, and made life worth living.

Thanks again for being so great to work with and well done for putting on such a wonderful and ground breaking event. I would love to be a part of it again next year and already have some inspiring new ideas to bring along. Really nice community of talented yet humble folk. Nice work!!!
Matt Stonehouse

Just wanted to say a huge thank you to for creating such a fantastic camp – again! I really enjoyed myself and met some beautiful new people. The live music was incredible and so inspiring. It was very hard coming back down to the real world again…..sigh!  Again a big thanks to your family for the amazing food!

Such a warm and rich gathering is rare to find and I would like to thank the team for all the hard work and efforts put towards this fabulous educational music and dance festival. Great range of music and dance workshops and a friendly atmosphere humming around the camp is what makes the camp so special and unforgettable.
Amir Naderi