Middle Eastern Dance and Music Association Inc

Bahar Bayram (Turkish for Spring Festival) is organised by the Middle Eastern Dance and Music Association Inc, a registered not-for-profit Association. The first five camps included both Middle Eastern and Balkan styles however as the camp grew, we started to feel that the camp needed to specialize in order to better cater to the needs of the majority of participants and in 2012 we made the decision to remove the Balkan part of the camp’s program.

We were sad to say good-bye to the Balkan music and dance teachers who have given so much to the camp over the first 5 years. We truly appreciate all their talents and their amazing willingness to share their knowledge with us. It is our hope that in the future a dedicated Balkan dance and music camp will be started in Australia.

Tamara Taylor, the president of the Middle Eastern Dance and Music Association, decided to create the camp after twice attending the Mendocino Middle Eastern dance and music camp in California. Tamara was so inspired by her experiences at the Mendocino camp she decided Australia needed its own camp. In 2006 Tamara found the right people to help her organize the camp and decided the time was right to get started. Tamara is grateful to all committee members who have helped her organise the camp since 2006.

Tamara Taylor

President - Event Coordinator

Mike Taylor

Committee - Audio Visual

April Byrne


Anita Ferguson

Committee - Camp Crew Coordinator

Christine Ford


Terrence Ferguson

Committee - Camp Crew Coordinator

Margaret Cunningham


Rachael Forbes