Accommodation - Meals - Facilities - Medical


What type of accommodation is there at the camp?

Accommodation is in clean and comfortable dormitories and cabins. There is no option to camp in a tent at the venue or to camp off-site. All camp attendees must stay on-site in accommodation provided as part of the price of attending.

Who will I be sharing with?

If you have let us know whether you have friends coming to the camp you would like to share with then we will accommodate you with them. Otherwise, single women are allocated rooms with other women and single men with other men. If your friends are of both sexes then we will put you in a mixed cabin. We understand it is important to have harmonious sleeping arrangements so we aim to make everyone as happy as possible.

How many people are in a cabin?

There are between 4 – 6 double bunk beds in most cabins with a few smaller cabins with 2 – 3 beds which are reserved for staff or people with special needs. Generally we don’t overcrowd the cabins, so even if there are 6 bunks they won’t be fully occupied. Numbers in cabins depend on booking numbers and also the number of people in each group.

Can I have a private cabin?

There are a very limited number of smaller cabins available and we use these for people with babies or special needs or for staff that need lots of rest. If you feel you need a private cabin please ask when you submit your booking form or email us.

Do the cabins have bathrooms?

Many have bathrooms and those without bathrooms are close to toilet and bathroom facilities that have covered and well lit access.

I’m a light sleeper, how can I get a good night’s sleep?

We suggest you bring good ear plugs. We provide ear plugs but they don’t cut out all the noise. Get some good ones before you come. Eye covers are also helpful.

I’m a terrible snorer, how can I avoid disturbing others?

Please let us know so we can put you with other snorers and hopefully you can cancel each other out!

What are the beds like?

Nearly all the rooms have bunk beds. The mattresses are comfortable and in good condition but if you like your comforts we suggest you bring something to go under your bottom sheet to act as extra padding.

Meals - Catering
I have food allergies, will I be catered for?

Yes, but it is essential you let us know well in advance because preparing specific food for people with allergies requires some planning. It is useful if you can bring your own bread and yoghurt if you are gluten/ lactose intolerant. There is normally a good selection of gluten free foods but if you have lots of allergies it can be difficult to provide replacements for everything. We provide gluten free soy milk but suggest you bring some just in case it runs out. We don’t provide any other types of milk replacements. If you have registered as someone with special dietary requirements please make sure you introduce yourself to the catering staff because they will have put your food aside for you and won’t know who you are if you don’t introduce yourself.

If I bring some of my own food and drinks where can I store them?

There is a kitchen at the lower hall that has lots of fridge space, or you can bring an esky and keep it in your cabin.

Should I bring any extra food and drinks?

Yes, if you need extra snacks please bring some nibbles, especially for late at night. If you need soft drinks and extra juice etc we suggest you bring these too.

Is alcohol permitted at the camp?

Yes, but please be sensible about it!

Do you provide “real” coffee?

There is a coffee machine at the camp but it requires coins (approx $3 per cup) so bring change if you want espresso, cappucinos etc. As part of the included tea and coffee we only provide instant coffee, tea, herbal tea and Ecco. Please bring your own coffee plunger and coffee if you want anything other than instant coffee. You can make your coffee with water from the urn which is on all day.

Facilities - What to bring
What's the weather like?

It can be quite warm during the day but can also get very cold at night. Bringing clothes you can easily layer is a good idea. It often rains in spring time so bring an umbrella so you can easily travel between the buildings.

Is there wi-fi and phone reception?

There is reception for all devices running on the 3G network. There is also wi-fi provided by Bornhoffen if you have your own modem.

Is there a laundry?

There are coin operated washers and dryers at camp 1 venue. They take 3 x $1 coins. Please bring your own coins and washing powder if you wish to use them.

Is there a swimming pool?

Yes, but due to Bornhoffen policy the pool is only open when we have scheduled our first aid officer to be in attendance. Sorry, but this is not negotiable. If people break the rules about the swimming pool we may not be able to use the venue in the future. There is a water hole if you want to take an unsupervised swim. Please make sure your kids do not go into the pool area or to the water hole unsupervised.

What do I need to bring?

There is an extensive list of things that you will find helpful to bring with you. Please refer to the Participant Checklist when packing so you don’t miss bringing all the things you need to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

First Aid & Medical

We have committee members to help you deal with any first aid concerns. There are hospitals within 30 minutes drive (Nerang to the North and Murwillumbah to the South) in case of emergencies. Please notify any of the committee members if an accident or injury occurs and we will look after you.