Camp bookings - selling things at the camp - merchandise
Bookings FAQs
My partner isn’t into music and dance but wants to come along. Is there a different price for him/her?
We can arrange for a discounted price that covers accommodation and meals for people not wishing to attend workshops. Please contact us prior to booking in.
Is there a discount for families or groups?
Unfortunately we can’t offer a discount. We have priced the camp at the lowest possible price to cover the costs of running the camp. If you would like to come but can’t afford the full price please contact us about being a member of our camp crew and doing a work exchange for a discounted ticket.
Selling - Merchandise FAQs
Can I sell CDs at the camp?
Yes, there is a table provided for musicians to sell CDs. Dancers can also sell DVDs of their own work. Please bring a box for people to put the cash in because we don’t look after CD sales. You can only sell your own recordings.
Can I sell costumes and instruments at the camp?
There are limited places for people selling things so we have to negotiate this with individuals. Please contact us to ask about this.
Can I buy costumes or instruments at the camp?
Yes, some of our teachers bring instruments and costumes to sell. Please bring cash for these purchases. You might want to buy instruments prior to the camp too. We will be letting people know where they can purchase these. We also have a drum hire option.
Can I get a massage at the camp?
Yes, we will let you know who is offering this service at Orientation upon arrival or before the camp if possible. Please bring cash for this.