Make sure you plan your journey!
How do I organise a lift with the carpool?

Please let us know on your booking form if you need or can provide a lift. We will put people in contact with each other. For those people coming from interstate or overseas, please note we can only organise carpooling from Brisbane airport and you need to plan to arrive by 12pm on the Wednesday and depart Brisbane airport around 1pm on the Monday.

What is the nearest airport to the camp?

The nearest airports are Brisbane and Coolangatta. If you need a lift with the carpool this is only available from Brisbane. Coolangatta airport is closer in distance but if you fly into Coolangatta you will need to hire a car to get to the camp.

I want to come for the weekend. Can I still get a lift to and from the camp?

You will have to organize your own lifts. It is too difficult for us to arrange lifts for people who are not attending the full camp because most people are coming and going at the start and end of the camp. Sometimes we can help with a lift in one direction.

How far away is the venue?

Depends where you are coming from. Please check the address (Bornhoffen PCYC 3510 Nerang-Murwillumbah Road, Natural Bridge, Qld. 4211) in Google Maps and plan your trip well in advance so you know how long it will take you. As a guide it is about 1.5 hours south of Brisbane.

Where is the nearest petrol station to the camp?

The last petrol stations before the camp are in Nerang if coming from the North and Murwillumbah if coming from the South. Both locations are 30 minutes from the venue. Please make sure you have enough petrol to get back!

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