Kids of all ages are welcome!
Can the kids join in the workshops?

Yes, as long as they are supervised by their parents if they are very young. Teens can attend workshops without supervision.

Are there activities for the kids?

Yes, we put on a few extra activities and workshops for kids. Please refer to our KIDS PROGRAM for more details.

Is there child-minding available?

Due to insurance reasons we are not able to provide child minding. However, we do provide some special kids workshops.
Children are the responsibility of parents at the camp. There are some dangers to be aware of at the venue (the local waterhole, snakes) but generally it is a very kid friendly environment.

My kids are fussy eaters. Will there be something for them to eat?

There is a variety of food on offer at every meal, so most people find something they like. If your kids are extremely difficult to please we suggest you bring some extra food just in case.