Activities for kids - big and small

Below are the workshops specifically for kids, but kids are also welcome to join the other workshops at the camp if their abilities are appropriate for the class.

The 2020 program is currently being prepared. Stay tuned for updates – or join our Facebook group and mailing list (links are at bottom of page) to stay informed! 

Parents – please remember that your kids are YOUR responsibility at all times at the camp. Kids can be left at the kids’ workshops, but you are responsible for making sure they are safe and onsite at all times.

Spectacular Veils and Swords - BellaDonna - 2 sessions - OPEN LEVEL - FOR KIDS OF ALL AGES
Known for her mesmerizing double veil and sword performances, BellaDonna will inspire you with her spectacular double veil and sword techniques. And while this workshop series will focus on the wonderful world of double veil, the workshops will include the addition of sword for that extra wow factor. Belladonna will share her technique for managing these two breathtaking props with ease. For those that have both swords and veils, BellaDonna will teach you how to use your double veils and swords together to create spectacular show stopping performances.….It’s much easier than you might think! The workshops will mainly be technique focused but will also include a small choreography to demonstrate how to apply your new skills. The workshops are aimed at intermediate/advanced dancers but everyone is welcome to come along… too!

BYO props – BellaDonna will have some spare veils and a couple of child sizes to borrow and may also have some to sell. Parents, if your kids would like to learn double veil it will help if you can make some for them. Measurements for veils (if pre-making your own) are:
Width: across the full arm span plus 20cm each side (Adults plus 30cm each side).
Length: from shoulder to the back of the knee.
If you would like to preorder veils you can contact BellaDonna before camp.

Nubian Flag Making - BellaDonna - 1 session - materials provided (small materials cost to be advised)
Make some colourful Nubian Flags for the Nubian Dance Party on Saturday night! Materials will be provided (there will be a small materials cost – TBA). All ages welcome.
Illuminated Letters - Malindi Morris - 2 sessions - Kids and Adults welcome - $10 materials charge
Illuminated letters have beautified sacred texts and other handmade books throughout the ages. Learn how to apply gold leaf and rich colour to create a decorative letter of your choice. Both children and adults welcome! A contribution of $10 per person for materials is requested, but you are welcome to attend both workshops for the single fee if you wish.
Doom Doom Teka Clap! Kids Percussion Workshop - BellaDonna - 2 sessions
This workshop will focus on having fun with basic Middle Eastern drumming rhythms, but with some added BellaDonna flavour of course! Please bring percussion instruments, drums, zills, tambourines shakers, squeaky toys etc. I will only have a limited amount to share. Get creative, have a look on line for some ideas to help you make your own percussion instruments, anything goes! Well almost anything, if you can hit, bang, shake, rattle or smack it and manage to get a sound out of it, then I say… it’s a percussion instrument. Please bring as many percussion items that you can to the workshop, we’re gonna make some noise!

This workshop is strictly kids only! There are a number of awesome musicians teaching beginner level percussion for adults this year.