Program - Workshops - Performing
Performing at the Camp
I’m in a band/ dance troupe, is there an application to perform?
No, we don’t take applications to perform because we have a limited budget and cannot pay performers. Our teaching staff provide the music for the concerts and sometimes we have invited guests. Music ensembles and dance troupes are able to sign up for the chalkboard concert (camp participants only – strictly no teachers in the chalkboard) or in special cases may be included in an evening concert if arranged with programming staff.
I’d like to perform at the chalkboard session, what do I need to do?
Sign up for the chalkboard session as soon as possible when you arrive at the camp. Spaces are going to be limited though and sets need to be less than 10 minutes to allow a few people to have a go.
I’d like to dance at the cabaret, what do I need to do?

Just come along to the cabaret sign-up on the first day of camp. There are limited spots in the cabarets so places are offered to full camp participants only. All cabaret performances must be done to live music. Occasionally we invite dance teachers to dance to recorded music at some of the concerts if we are not able to provide the music that is needed for their style of dance.

Will I be performing at the camp?
That is up to you and whether the workshops you have chosen are working towards a performance. If you don’t want to perform in the concert that is ok, there is no pressure. The camp concert is very casual, supportive and relaxed. We only ask that everyone is present to watch everyone else as much as possible.
Workshops at the Camp
Do I need to book into workshops ahead of time?
No, if you have booked in for the full camp, weekend or a day, you can attend anything you like.
What should I bring for workshops?
Any relevant instruments you play, even if there are not specific workshops in those instruments. They might be useful in the ensemble classes. Dancers should bring all the props, etc that they need.
Note pads, video and sound recording devices are handy too.
What level of skill do the workshops cater to?
We cater to all levels of skill in both music and dance and we specify the levels on the camp schedule as a guide. If you are a beginner and wish to go along to higher level workshops to watch and learn, you are welcome, but please don’t interrupt the lessons or ask for extra assistance from the teachers.
Do I have to attend all the sessions for one type of workshop?
It is not essential to attend all workshops if they are progressive. However, you may find it useful to continue with certain workshops, especially ensembles.
Program & Schedule
What time do I need to arrive on the first day?

Please aim to arrive by 1.00pm on Thursday 15 October. Registration is from 1.00pm – 2.00pm followed by meet and greet nibbles and orientation (a must for all campers). In the afternoon we will have a couple of workshops and then some free time before dinner.

What time does the camp finish on the Tuesday?

Everyone packs up and leaves after breakfast on Tuesday around 9.30am after first emptying, tidying and sweeping their cabins

When will the camp schedule be released?

We aim to have the camp schedule finalised for release around the end of August, but remember there is no need to book into individual workshops if you are attending the camp so there is no need to wait until the timetable is released before booking. However the schedule may be useful if you wish to book into the camp for individual days. 

Can I take photos and videos of the camp concerts and workshops?

Yes, feel free to take photos and videos of the camp concerts.  If you would like to share them with us later that would be great. We are happy for you to video concerts, but would really appreciate it if you shared your footage with us so we can use it to get the word out about the camp.

If you would like to video workshops please ask the teachers first as each teacher will have different policies about this. Generally audio and video recordings can be done if they are only for your personal reference.