Orientale Bellydance - Folkloric - Persian - Dabke - Tribal Fusion


A wide variety of specialised music and dance workshops is on offer throughout each day. The only problem is figuring out which ones to do! Some of the workshops occur once during the camp and others are progressive. Once you are at the camp you can go to any of the workshops on offer. Schedules are given out upon arrival and are also available to download here – 2018 CAMP SCHEDULE (not available yet). Beginners are welcome and all levels of skill are catered for.

Vintage Egyptian Orientale Dance - Nikki Irwin - 4 x 1.5 hr sessions - OPEN LEVEL

Nikki will be taking us on a journey through the Golden Era of Egyptian Oriental Dance and in particular focussing on the period from early to late 50’s – the history, era specific movement repertoire, styling, and some of the key elements of her own Vintage Bellydance (c) style; all of which will culminate in a sassy 50’s style oriental choreography you can either dance in full or use some of the luscious and intricate combinations for your own work.

Egyptian Shaabi - Xaeda Raqasa - 4 x 1.5 hr sessions - OPEN LEVEL

From its folkloric roots to the nightclubs of Cairo, Shaabi has remained the dance of the people. This playful style sings of traditions, politics, struggles, love or nothing at all! From improvised music played by street musicians and café singers to the modern DJ mixes, shaabi’s cheeky movements and boldness is as dazzling as it is diverse. Xaeda’s workshops will cover (1) shaabi in its traditional form, (2) the energetic street style and invite you to join us in (3/4) learning an upbeat choreography to popular song Bos Ala El Halawa.

Arosak-e Sang-e Saboor (The Doll of Stone Patience) Persian Dramatic Narrative Performance - Directed by Cindy Schwenn in collaboration with the Persian Ensemble class and all Persian dance classes - 3 sessions - OPEN LEVEL

In this unique three part devising workshop, participants of Persian dance and Persian music workshops will be invited to collaborate on a dramatic narrative to be performed at the Sunday night concert.  Leading actors will be preselected and rehearsed prior to the camp but those wishing to take on an auxiliary role are also very welcome to attend.  Workshop participants will not only engage in a collaborative theatrical experience but will also engage in activities to enhance expression, theatricality and stage presence.

The ancient Persian tradition of dramatic narrative dates back at least 2500 years.  This Pre-Islamic theatrical tradition conveys story and ritual through a combination of art forms such as storytelling, music, dance, puppetry and mime, performed in both courts and villages without class distinction.  Contemporary Iranian theatre carries elements of this tradition through to audiences today.  This performance shall be a reimagined form of the ancient tradition.

The narrative to be performed is based upon an Iranian folk story, ‘Arosak-e Sang-e Saboor’ (The Doll of Stone Patience), a male sleeping beauty tale of love and deception.  The story will be poetically narrated and enacted physically (mime).  A Persian folk dance will be paired with daf rhythms, expressing the ancient female fertility origins of the daf.  Persian classical dances shall express female beauty, grace and love.  Persian classical singing will covey the story’s deep emotional journey and ensemble and choir express the passion of falling in love… and shopping at the bazaar.  These art forms poetically combined will touch and delight Sunday night audience.

Persian Minature Dance - Michelle Ridsdale - 1 x 1.5 hr sessions - OPEN LEVEL

Michelle This dance is inspired by the miniature paintings from ancient Persian courts. The workshop will focus on the delicate and refined wrist, hand and arm movements which are the essence of Persian dance. We will explore the expressiveness, the subtle flirtation and the relationship between the face, eyes and hands. This workshop will be performed in the production “Arosak-e Sang-e Saboor” on Sunday night.

Iranian Folk Dance with live percussion - Michelle Ridsdale - 1 x 1.5 hr sessions - OPEN LEVEL

Michelle Iran has many different folk dance traditions used in regional celebrations. Folk songs and dance are less complex than classical Persian, as the focus is on community and participation. We will learn a repetitive folk dance and experience the vibe and power of dancing to a live daf ensemble. All welcome!! This workshop will be performed in the production “Arosak-e Sang-e Saboor” on Sunday night.

Classical Persian Dance - Michelle Ridsdale - 1 x 1.5 hr sessions - OPEN LEVEL

In this workshop we bring together lively footwork, dynamic turns, graceful arms and elegant poses. This is a joyful dance focused on celebrating love! It will be performed in the production “Arosak-e Sang-e Saboor” on Sunday night.

Datura Style - Alice Knox - 4 x 1.5 hr sessions - OPEN LEVEL

‘Datura Style belly dance refers to both a dance vocabulary and an approach to technique that can be used for choreography and improvisation.’ Rachel Brice – Innovator, creator, dancer

Datura Style is modern belly dance created by American dancer Rachel Brice. It fuses Oriental dance with Western and World dance styles. Find out more about Rachel Brice, her approach and inspiration.

Alice is the first dancer in Australia to complete Rachel Brice’s Eight Elements training program and gain certification as a Datura Style teacher. For camp Alice will be offering four workshops that explore the distinctive qualities of Datura Style. In these workshops we will play with combinations and choreographic devices. We’ll drill dance technique with the option to incorporate complex zill patterns.

This workshop series offers an exciting possibility to explore Datura Style in an immersive environment. These workshops will progressively build however it is possible to dip your toe in for a single workshop and come away with a range of new content and ideas. Alice is thrilled to welcome and guide dancers on a modern belly dance adventure through an unusual, challenging but beautiful style of dance.

Palestinian Dabke - Sameer Ellagta - 1 x 1.5 hr sessions - OPEN LEVEL

AL_ZaytonDabke is a dynamic folk dance for weddings and gatherings in Palestine. Join Sameer to learn the basic moves to experience energetic stomping patterns and synchronise dancing in line all together. Also you will learn a variety of advanced moves to express your next level of liberation when the Dabke line takes off in a full joy of life.

With dabke you will learn the traditional ways of celebration of the land and people deep within the Palestinian villages, the formation and the calls that accompany the invigorating and reviving music of Dabke.

Russian Gypsy Style - Margaret Cunningham - 3 x 1.5 hr sessions - OPEN LEVEL


Tahtib - Rachel Bond - 2 x 1.5 hr sessions - OPEN LEVEL (men & women welcome)
Nubian Dance - Rachel Bond - 3 x 1.5 hr sessions - OPEN LEVEL (men & women welcome)
TBC - Tamara Taylor - 2 x 1.5 hr sessions - OPEN LEVEL