Orientale Bellydance - Folkloric - Persian - Dabke - Tribal Fusion


A wide variety of specialised music and dance workshops is on offer throughout each day. The only problem is figuring out which ones to do! Some of the workshops occur once during the camp and others are progressive. Once you are at the camp you can go to any of the workshops on offer. Schedules are given out upon arrival and are also available to download here – 2018 CAMP SCHEDULE (not available yet). Beginners are welcome and all levels of skill are catered for.

Vintage Egyptian Orientale Dance - Nikki Irwin - 4 x 1.5 hr sessions - OPEN LEVEL

Nikki will be taking us on a journey through the Golden Era of Egyptian Oriental Dance and in particular focussing on the period from early to late 50’s – the history, era specific movement repertoire, styling, and some of the key elements of her own Vintage Bellydance (c) style; all of which will culminate in a sassy 50’s style oriental choreography you can either dance in full or use some of the luscious and intricate combinations for your own work.

Persian Dance - Michelle Ridsdale - 4 x 1.5 hr sessions - OPEN LEVEL

Michelle Persian dance refers to the dance styles indigenous to Iran. Genres of dance in Iran vary depending on the area, culture, and language of the local people, and can range from sophisticated reconstructions of refined court dances to energetic folk dances. The workshops will focus on the refined Persian Court dances – commonly called Classical Persian dance. The subtle flirtation, refined arm and hand movements, and varied formations can be incorporated in many forms of Middle Eastern dance.

Workshop 1 – Introduction to Persian dance
The workshop will commence will an overview of the history of dance in Iran and the various regional styles of dance. We will explore the basic rhythm (6/8), footwork, arm placement and hands of classical Persian dance. Most importantly we will explore gestures and character to make your dance look and feel “Persian”.

Workshop 2 – Combinations
In this workshop we will bring the footwork, refined arms and hands, gestures and character together in combinations you can use in your own Persian choreographies or improvisations.

Workshop 3 – Choreography
Bringing the combinations together in a beautiful flowing choreography.

Workshop 4 – Formations
Modern “Classical Persian” dance often uses intricate formations. Drawing on performances I witnessed in Tajikistan we will explore formations commonly used in Classical Persian dance ballets.

Palestinian Dabke - Sameer Ellagta - 1 x 1.5 hr sessions - OPEN LEVEL

AL_ZaytonDabke is a dynamic folk dance for weddings and gatherings in Palestine. Join Sameer to learn the basic moves to experience energetic stomping patterns and synchronise dancing in line all together. Also you will learn a variety of advanced moves to express your next level of liberation when the Dabke line takes off in a full joy of life.

With dabke you will learn the traditional ways of celebration of the land and people deep within the Palestinian villages, the formation and the calls that accompany the invigorating and reviving music of Dabke.

Turkish Romany 9/8 - Margaret Cunningham - 3 x 1.5 hr sessions - OPEN LEVEL

Marg_RomThose who discover the incredibly fun dance style of the Turkish Roman (Gypsy) through Margaret’s unique teaching format, remain hooked for life! The first two workshops cover basic steps for beginners and some simple sequences to get you grooving. In the second two workshops we will welcome in those who already know the basics to join us in learning a great new choreography for the camp concert.